Besides the restoration of antique pianos which clients purchase directly from us, we also maintain a busy workshop schedule of restorations for museums, collections and private individuals who already have instruments of their own which require restoration.

There is a reason that instruments from Period Piano Company are in constant use on the concert platform and in the recording studio. Our knowledge and experience with keyboard instruments and respect for craftsmanship, combine to bring out the best in each instrument. The true art of restoration is to not impose one’s will onto the work, but to let the piano itself guide the way, so that the original voice of the instrument is revealed.

We have spent many years researching into the correct materials used on antique pianos. Great attention is paid to use of the right strings, felts, leathers, cloths, timbers, veneers, polishes and the myriad of other details which go into making an instrument that sounds, looks and feels right.

All aspects of the work are done in our own workshop. Both the musical and casework restorations are treated with the same attention to detail. Our goal is to present our clients with an instrument that doesn’t look over-restored, but rather one which has simply survived in superb condition. These are, after all, fine antiques and must be treated as such.

Our unique approach of working directly with the client on the restoration gives them them a special involvement with their instrument which cannot be achieved by simply buying something “off the peg”.

At Period Piano Company, we consider that both owners and restorers of any antique object are also their caretakers, and in working directly with the client, we take this responsibility seriously.