A Tradition of Craftsmanship

“The gift of God for a piano builder and restorer is the ability to actually create or recreate the sound he imagines in his inner ear in wood, wire, brass and felt. David possesses this gift in abundance. A true artist.”

The word ‘revelation’ is one often associated with the antique pianos from Period Piano Company. Our experienced craftsmen bring out the special inherent character of each instrument, working to combine both beauty of appearance and the superb musical qualities of these antique pianos built by the master piano makers.

The Period Piano Company was established in 1976 by David Winston, who is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading makers and restorers of keyboard instruments. Among our clients are some of the world’s great musicians, museums and private collections. We have been entrusted with the restoration of antique pianos of great historical importance, including the piano which was made for Beethoven in 1817, Chopin’s Pleyel from 1846,as well as instruments associated with Mendelssohn, and Liszt. In 2012 Period Piano Company was granted the Royal Warrant as piano conservators and Restorers by Appointment to the Queen.

Our clients can select from a fascinating range of art case pianos, period pianos, and harpsichords: including early square pianos of the 1760’s, right through to some exceptional Art Deco pianos, decorative grand pianos and even Retro style concert grands built up until ca. 1970. Each instrument is restored with the same meticulous care and attention to detail. In addition to being craftsmen, we are also musicians and are careful to choose only instruments of musical significance.

We are very aware at Period Piano Company that each instrument is an historical document of both sound and style. Through careful use of historical materials and ethical conservation practice, this approach not only brings out the individual qualities of each antique piano, but also assures our clients of the continuing value of their investment.

As keepers of our heritage, we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. All timbers used in restoration are either recycled, or purchased only from FSC or PEFC certified companies. We do not use any new ivory products.

We are able to offer our clients several different options: Besides keeping restored instruments available, we also maintain a larger stock of unrestored antique pianos for those who wish to purchase them unrestored first and then have them booked into our workshop schedule.

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